Data Centres

In a ‘cloud’-driven world, the role of data centres has never been more important.

From purpose-built remote data centres – or colocation centres – to on-site internal data storage facilities within your business, we acknowledge the need to keep your data and server systems protected from the risk of fire.

As an LPS approved contractor of fire compartmentation wall installation, our team has expert knowledge in the design and construction of fire-rated enclosures and partitions for server housing and data rooms.

Containing the spread of fire isn’t the only benefit of Mineral Fibre firewall construction, as the pre-finished composite system is robust, maintenance-free and requires minimal onsite handling. This creates a dust-free and fire-safe environment for your valuable equipment.

Working with your design specification and programme of works, we will collaborate with your supply chain partners and contractors to achieve a high-quality project handover. Your contract will be overseen by a dedicated project manager and installed by an expert team proudly holding all relevant qualifications and certifications.

Find out more about our data centre firewalls by calling us on 0117 316 7000 or send us an enquiry here.

System Benefits

  • Speedy Low Cost Installation (up to 2000m² per week)
  • Fully Accredited & Quality Assured Construction
  • Pre-Finished, Maintenance-Free, Easy To Repair
  • Fully Demountable & Recyclable
  • Unsupported Spans in Excess of 7.5m
  • Thermally Efficient Construction (U Vales as low as 0.22w/m²k)
  • Can Offer Up to 4 Hour Fire Resistance
  • Fully Building Regulation Compliant

Our firewall system can be used for industrial applications as on office-to-warehouse partitions, as a subdividing wall or staircase enclosure to name just a few.

The composite walls and ceilings we provide are a competitive alternative to blockwork and jumbo stud, require no wet trades and are virtually maintenance-free.