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Welcome To Our Shiny New Website!  


Today we are officially launching our new Desktop and Mobile website. And there’re plenty of reasons to celebrate!

Stancold New Website

This is a very exciting moment for us as it gives us the opportunity to truly stand out in the industry and to demonstrate our capabilities not only on the construction site, but also in the digital world.

Packed with useful and relevant technical information, lots of personality and engaging content, we are aiming to reach customers with various needs from a variety of sectors: Food & Drink, Storage & Distribution, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Technology & Engineering, IT& Communications and other industries.

It makes us especially proud that the website gives a ‘face and a heart’ to the company presenting our team of great people and our company values, everything that makes us who we are!

We’re celebrating our 65+ years of experience in the industry on the top of every page with a glowing badge ‘Trusted Excellence Since 1946’ and with a dedicated history section.

On our dynamic News Page you’ll be able to view all our case studies, news, testimonials, photos, videos, and live social media feeds.

New look that catches the eye

We’ve worked tirelessly over 8 months with local web designers F2 to develop this sophisticated and lively website based 100% on our creative concept and built from scratch up to the very last detail.

We’ve implemented a creative navigation and Innovative tile design resembling panels and its versatile uses.

We hope that you’ll enjoy browsing our new website!

We want to hear from you

Please give us your feedback on the website by clicking on the orange button at the right corner of the page.

And here are some photos of how we’ve celebrated today