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Streamlining Warehouse Builds Through Collaboration

No extra work for designers, no back and forth with steelworks contractors, and time and money saved from the minute we start quoting. Big warehouse builds require balancing value engineering and LPCB regulations, which can impact your timeline and budget.


“Most of the time, the building has already been designed and approved, set in stone. Subcontractors must show the highest levels of flexibility,” says Shaun Jones, Stancold’s expert in fire-rated construction. “Our recently expanded team allows me to focus even more on giving main contractors all the support they need. I’ve got a good example of why this change is important.”

The project is a phased build of a new industrial park Shaun has been involved with since last August. “It started quite typically: we found our panels wouldn’t align to the planned steelworks grid. Our involvement is small compared to the big picture, so understandably, firewalls can be an afterthought and a tiny fraction of the whole budget, and we need to make it work.

Stancold, our client and their steelworks subcontractor worked together to meet the financial and regulatory targets of the first two units. Thanks to the team’s hard work, we secured the next phase, and we are already quoting for phase three, totalling six buildings of varying sizes.

“We had similar input in building the second lot of sheds. We had to start our designs from square one, liaising once again with multiple parties,” Shaun continues. Certifications, buildability, fire ratings, steel layouts, and cost all factor into passive fire protection – expectations & specifications vary between contractors. As always, cooperation is the key to a successful business relationship.

“For phase three, on the other hand, we applied everything we learned about our client’s ways and taught them about ours. The result is a solution that, fingers crossed, will require fewer emails and amendments. We had been working for the client for years, but we had never collaborated this closely.” Units 5 and 6 were designed from the ground up based on our previous findings, aligned to the main contractor’s vision, and optimised for steelworks and partitioning.

While we’re still awaiting the client’s decision, Shaun’s efforts and Stancold’s dedication to the embedded supplier approach to industrial park developments show how a partnership can lead to a win-win situation.

Are you planning a large warehouse build? Work with people who make it easy for you. Contact Shaun at sjones@stancold.co.uk or 07821 152663.