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Stancold’s Sound Solution for Electronics Manufacturer’s Spatial Reconfiguration


Stancold’s industrial partitions team are pleased to report on another project successfully completed in Oxford, where a problem-solving approach was required for a global electronics manufacturer.

Our client was looking to segment warehouse space into two operational zones, in order to contain the sound of the large industrial area from an adjacent R&D function, and the versatility of Stancold’s panel-build solutions was key to successfully achieve this.

Our industrial partitions expert, Shaun Jones, was able to suggest the design and build of a division wall that utilised Kingspan’s Quadcore panel system, where its acoustic properties and span capabilities meant that it was the right choice for the application.

Partitioned warehouse acoustic control

Site surveys from Shaun and Stancold’s Design Manager, Sam Jenkins, not only ensured that the proposed solution could be practically achieved using the existing building structural support but enabled further consultation on access options between the two areas. It was decided that two rapid rise doors would be integrated into the partition for quick access for both personnel and manual handling equipment.

Our dedicated industrial partitioning team continue to offer solutions beyond fire safety, ensuring that acoustic performance and thermal efficiency are also considerations when segmenting and reconfiguring a space.

Shaun Jones is available to discuss your warehouse partitioning requirements on 07821 152 663 or via on sjones@stancold.co.uk.