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Stancold Helps Local Cancer Patient Fulfill Her Bucket List

Stancold have recently supported a charity event which took place on Saturday 7th May at Clarence House in Portishead. The event was organised by the ‘Dine & Donate’ team, Nadia and Rosie Ward with the aim to raise funds for local cancer patient, Heidi Laughlin to fulfil her bucket list.

Consisting of a family fun day and a 2 course dinner with live music and a raffle, the event was a huge success having over 100 people attending from the area and donating generously.

The cause was supported by Stancold with a donation of £1,000.

About Heidi Laughlin

Heidi was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in September 2015 when she was 13 weeks pregnant. She was offered to terminate her pregnancy to start an intensive course of chemotherapy, but she decided to delay it and opt for a less invasive treatment in favour of her baby.

Unfortunately, the treatment didn’t work and Heidi had to begin a stronger course meaning her baby had to be delivered prematurely after only 28 weeks. Sadly, the new born baby girl, Ally Louise Smith fell ill and tragically passed away just 8 days old. Heidi has not only had to cope with the loss of her daughter, but had to continue her battle against the extremely aggressive form of breast cancer, whilst looking after her 2 other young sons. Deciding to make the most of every second they have got together, Heidi has written a ‘Bucket and Spade list’ in which she is expressing her dreams of taking her sons to various interesting places such as Lapland and Disneyland Paris.

Her award winning blog called ‘Storm It in a Tit Cup’ gives a heartbreakingly honest and brave account of her incredibly difficult journey expressed with lots of humour and positive attitude which can be a true inspiration to us all.