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Puracore ISO 6 Cleanroom Completion for Scottish Research Hub

We are pleased to report that another project has been successfully completed by our Clean Room Envelope Specialist Team during the first quarter of 2021. Our colleagues travelled to Scotland to construct a new ISO 6 cleanroom within a pharmaceutical manufacturing and research hub.

Through specification, Puracore’s high-end cleanroom wall system was allocated for the envelope construction and thanks to our status as a Puracore Approved Partner, Stancold CREST were able to demonstrate key expertise and technical understanding right from the feasibility stages of the project. In being able to accommodate ongoing design changes and budget reconfigurations, this allowed us to be named within the tender package specification.

Working for the appointed principal contractor, this was a bespoke build to form a fully flush cleanroom with flush doors and vision panels, utilising Puracore’s complete solution throughout. However, to match the fire safety certification of an existing firewall behind the new structure, fire-rated doors were required to the MAL and PAL entrances to ensure that this was maintained.

The design also included a bespoke access panel that was integrated into one of the column encasements within the room. This 50mm panel included an opening framework and an additional 10mm liner to serve as an access hatch, should the client need to get to a hidden drain.

Stancold CREST’s exclusive installation team worked tirelessly to construct the ISO 6 cleanroom envelope in just 3 weeks. Our strong relationship with Puracore, and unrivalled product knowledge of their system, enabled this project to run smoothly from start to finish.

To discuss how the Puracore cleanroom system can be utilised for your architectural envelope specification, get in touch with Stancold’s dedicated specialist, Mark Kendrick, on 07585 301 425 or send an enquiry.