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Stancold Carries Out Critical Repairs for a Local Dairy Company

When Stancold heard about one of our local existing client’s freezer losing temperature, we knew we needed to restore wall’s structural integrity in one day. We spoke to Patrick Ball, our food division specialist, who visited the site 25 miles away from our HQ in Bristol to assess the situation.

Panel systems are designed to last years – the only reason they ever need repairs is accidental physical damage,” says Patrick. “Luckily, this time there were no cracks in the panels themselves and we were able to simply put them back in place within a single day.”

We always aim for the least amount of disruption in our clients’ businesses. This time it meant taking existing structures into consideration as well as keeping the temperature under control while carrying out the works. With our expert installers on-site, we quickly moved the racking system around for access and reinstalled the misaligned pieces of the 7-metre-high wall.

“The freezer stores dairy products, so keeping the temperature down was crucial. While leaking temperature is definitely a problem in the long term, removing 60m² of wall for an extended amount of time could simply cause the goods to spoil. It is especially important in a room this big,” Patrick explained further emphasising how costly it could have been for the client to go for a less experienced contractor.

Stancold demonstrated exceptional coordination and with quick turnaround, were able to prevent the client from having to write off a significant part of their goods.

We deeply care about local businesses. Our long-standing history in supporting the South West food industry and a list of satisfied returning clients proves we’re here to help. Do not hesitate when the matter is urgent. Provided we’re close enough, our team can turn a job around quickly and with over 75 years of experience, there is no better solution than Stancold.

For enquiries like these or if you plan on expanding your food manufacturing business, contact Patrick on 07768 670150 or email pball@stancold.co.uk.