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Stancold Are LPS1531 Certified!

Stancold are very pleased to have achieved the LPS 1531 approved installer of passive fire protection products, a scheme introduced by LPCB (the Loss Prevention Certification Board). This ensures that our installers have the necessary training to install specially designed passive fire protection.

LPS 1531 covers a wide range of areas including:

  • Penetration, cavity barrier and linear gap seals
  • Fire rated board and cladding to structural elements
  • Intumescent coatings to structural elements
  • Fire resistant compartment systems
  • Fire rated spray materials
  • Fire rated ductwork systems
  • Fire resisting dampers
  • Offsite application of intumescent coatings to structural elements

To achieve the LPS1531 approval, Stancold had to undergo a series of reviews, firstly an evaluation of all of our documentation that relates to our training records, quality testing and installed products. The LPCB also make an initial visit to a site where we have installed passive fire protection to ensure that our installer team are meeting the right standards.

The LPCB will continue to monitor our firewall projects to ensure that we are still offering LPS1531 standard installations by visiting our sites and undertaking audits.

The benefits of working with a LPS1531 certified installer

Your passive fire system has been designed to protect your property and those working there.

Achieving this certification was important for Stancold because we wanted to be able to offer you peace of mind. Because of the standards required to achieve this, not every UK installer achieves this certification.

Benefits include:

  • Risk reduction: Our installation team have demonstrated their knowledge and competence at installing the passive fire protection system
  • Regular inspection: Stancold’s work is inspected on a regular basis to ensure we continue to meet standards
  • The end user is issued with a numbered LPS 1531 Certificate of Conformity, which confirms that the product or system has been suitably assessed

If you want to find out more about how our passive fire protection installations can protect your business, give Shaun a ring on 01173167000 or send us an email.

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