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CREST Undertake Semiconductor Cleanroom Reconfiguration Contract

Stancold CREST have been working in Scotland this month with a valued contractor client to complete alteration and upgrade works within a semiconductor cleanroom suite.

Completing the works in two phases, CREST are responsible for the fit-out of a new cleanroom, adjacent gowning area and access corridor. This utilises 600m² of Puracore’s high-end cleanroom panel system, alongside the integration of personnel doors and removable panel sections as per the client’s specification.

CREST’s cleanroom expert, Mark Kendrick, has commented, “a site visit undertaken with CREST Site Manager, John Barrie, was crucial for this reconfiguration project to ensure that our allowances were aligned with the current set-up of the area. Conducting a thorough survey really does confirm that the integration of cleanroom systems can be faultlessly matched.”

Semiconductor cleanroom reconfiguration

We look forward to having the opportunity for further work at this site.

The team’s dedicated expertise of cleanroom envelope construction continues to be utilised across new-build and reconfiguration specifications, demonstrating our versatility within the UK’s pharmaceutical, medical and high-end manufacturing industries.

For more information on CREST’s reconfiguration and cleanroom upgrade capabilities, get in touch with Mark on 07585 301 425 or send us an enquiry.