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Introducing Sam Jenkins, Stancold’s Firewall & Food Division Design Manager

It’s been three months since Sam Jenkins joined Stancold as a Design Manager for food and firewall projects. After a busy 2021, we were looking for someone experienced to fill this role and we did not hesitate a second to give him an opportunity to progress his career.

Sam has got nearly 18 years of experience using CAD, which he picked up early in his school years. His career includes 5 years running his own company, being a lead designer in the construction industry and a long list of projects within the commercial kitchen business, but Stancold is the first time he filled the role of a manager. We saw his potential and are extremely happy to be supporting his development.

As a design manager, Sam always takes a proactive approach to contracts. He does not only liaise with clients but also works with colleagues from across all our departments to create technical drawings that can be brought to life by the installation team.

“It is quite common for people in the industry not to be fully aware of all of the constantly changing regulations and doing things the way they always used to do. This is where I come in to clarify the discrepancies between the older ways and the current design standards,” he explains.

Outside of work, Sam is a huge fan of motorsports and has spent his whole life racing, be it go-karts, cars or downhill bikes.

Sam’s role is crucial for Stancold’s soon-to-expand design team, which we are very keenly looking forward to and will be reporting about as soon as we’re ready to share more details.

In the meantime, as always, if you’d like to discuss an upcoming project or have a general enquiry, give us a call on 0117 316 7000 or email sales@stancold.co.uk.