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Robust Containment Area for Nuclear Demolition Project

As an experienced panel installation specialist of over 70 years, the versatility within our work spans widely across a number of industries. Where we have successfully completed panel builds for temperature-controlled storage, cleanrooms and fire-rated partitions, our capabilities expand so much further than this, thanks to our highly skilled team.

This quarter will see our team begin working on site for our project within the nuclear industry. Based at a nuclear testing facility in Dorset that has been redundant since the 1970s, the site is due to be demolished, which includes the safe yet complex process of disposing the active nuclear core. Where it is currently covered by concrete, a laser-cutting robot will complete its entire removal, managed by a remote team.

In order to protect against flying debris and harmful objects during this intricate activity, Stancold are responsible for constructing a containment area within the existing building to block all large openings across its five storeys. To achieve this, the team will utilise over 1000m² of the Kingspan Quadcore panel system, where its lightweight properties enable it to be easily man-handled on the site where access and available space is limited. Their responsibilities also include installing structural steelwork ready for a number of roller shutter and personnel doors.

Due to the nature of the project and presence of small, mainly unharmful, amounts of radiation within the vicinity, additional safety factors and control measures need to be taken into account while on site. With this in mind, the Stancold installation team will cut materials off-site before using the site’s overhead crane to manoeuvre everything into the building ready for the build. Other precautionary processes are in place with the end user, which has required close negotiations between the two parties and allowed a strong working relationship to develop.

In preparation for the build to start, our office-based team have been working hard to carefully compile detailed construction drawings while comprehensive safety plans are being drafted by our Health & Safety manager.

We’re looking forward to showing the progress on this one.

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