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Rebuilding A Fire Damaged Cosmetics Cleanroom

This month, Stancold will be returning to a client’s site in Somerset following unfortunate fire damage to their existing cleanroom facility. Initially built by Stancold in 2016, the cleanroom is used for mixing fine powder pigments and ingredients to create fragrance-free cosmetic paints.

An urgent call from the client advised that a fire on site had severely damaged the cleanroom panels, even though the room itself was still standing. Following this, a site survey was quickly arranged to assess the full scale of the damage where it was then confirmed that a full rebuild of the cleanroom was required.

The team will be using Kingspan Quadcore panelling to construct a new cleanroom during this one-week installation, once again ensuring hygienic conditions are set in place for their operations to resume.

We’re pleased that we’re able to help our client in these unfortunate circumstances and are looking forward to getting them back up and running again as soon as possible.