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Process Improvement Works For a Leading Nutritional Products Company

2024 is off to a great start with Stancold’s Food Projects Team winning a tender for major process improvement works at a leading UK nutritional products company.

Towards the end of 2023, we came into contact with a nutritional products company in the UK that needed a very specific whitewall project completed. The specific project was quite unique, as the manufacturer needed to repurpose areas of their factory to not only use the space more efficiently but to best suit a changing product line.

Andy Connell, Stancold’s Project Specialist for Food Facilities, drove up to visit the manufacturer and see first-hand what type of work needed to be done and why. The manufacturer is starting to focus more on products that are classified as ‘high care’ meaning they need special protection and separation from other parts of the product line.

‘The separation of high care areas from the rest of the factory is very important to the client to keep their evolving product line in step with BRC guidelines,’ said Andy, ‘Stancold will be able to install a bespoke whitewall layout to section off these parts of their production for a repurposed space within the existing facility.’

High-care areas are parts of a food production facility that require increased levels of hygiene, working practices, and separation to prevent forms of cross-contamination. Everyday examples of high-care food products would be pre-prepared sandwiches or airline meals.

This exciting project falls within process improvement works, which means helping food facilities repurpose parts of their facilities to meet their evolving needs and goals. ‘Stancold has been working in food facilities for over seventy-five years,’ said Andy, ‘so we know a thing or two about repurposing a client’s facility to achieve their changing priorities.’

Our entire Food Projects team are very excited about working on this project and developing a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with the client. The first stage of the project is starting this week and is in the safe hands of our Food Projects Manager, Sam Glover.

To get the ball rolling on your food facility’s expansion or reconfiguration, contact Stancold’s Food Projects Specialist, Andy Connell, at aconnell@stancold.co.uk or 07768 670150.