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Partitioning Solutions to Dust in Medical Manufacturing

Recent years have been a rollercoaster for everyone. Many businesses are now revisiting their postponed expansion plans. One of them, a medical equipment manufacturer, recently contacted Shaun Jones, Stancold’s industrial partitioning expert.

“This is something we quoted a long time ago. September 2021, I think. The client is a well-regarded respiratory devices specialist. They had been busy over the past years, ramping up production every month – there was no time for any construction works,” he says. Stancold’s job was to limit dust from spreading between manufacturing and storage areas by constructing a 370m² division wall.

“The trick here is to separate two areas while ensuring quick access. We’re installing three roller shutters alongside three sets of doors to allow quick access,” Shaun continues. “The factory has to be fully operational while we’re on-site, so the plan is to carry the works out overnight.”

“It’s been almost a year since the original quote, and it’s a completely different market now. I have to say I really appreciate the clients coming back to us after such a long time and going ahead with the project,” he sums up.

Stancold is due to start the installation in April, with Sam Glover managing the project. We’ll keep you posted about its progress!

In the meantime, why not email us at info@stancold.co.uk or check out our quick-quote calculator to see how we can help to optimise your facility?