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Outstanding Achievements During the Summer

Standcold has had yet another busy summer this year. In the last couple of months we have successfully completed numerous works, large and small, meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of leading UK companies and private customers.

Stancold Receives Exciting New Orders This Autumn

Following a busy summer, Stancold is looking forward to starting work on various new projects in the next couple of months.
Stancold has recently been asked to add 3 new rooms (including refrigeration) to an online butcher and distribution business’s premises. The company is one of our valued repeat customers for whom we have already completed 3 rooms earlier this year.

One of our biggest and most ambitious projects this year, however, is the built of a circa 2000 m² big walk-on ceiling for a reputable international company specialising in contact lenses. Considering the large amount of preliminary work needed for this project the actual start of the ceiling installation is expected in January/February next year.