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Ollie Parkin Returns as CREST Estimator

Five years ago, when Ollie decided to leave and try something new, he told Mark Kendrick to keep him in mind if Stancold ever set up a separate cleanroom division. Fast forward to April 2023, and the timelines have aligned…


“I started years ago as an apprentice, completed the training and carried on as an Estimator, working under Donna’s guidance. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but it was my first job in the industry, and honestly, I wanted to see what it’s like in other companies”, Ollie starts. “I continued working in the role, progressively adding more sales responsibilities. Whilst I enjoyed the interpersonal aspect of sales, I decided it wasn’t quite for me. Now that I’ve matured in the industry, I know I’m better suited as an Estimator/QS. And given I always liked working with cleanroom & cold store quotes, CREST was a sound choice.”

During his first stint with the company, Ollie created most of the handover documents for his successors. “It was nice to come back and see they are still in use. Speaks very well of the author! I’ve since developed new workflows and improved the way I create drawings. Experiencing the sales side of construction taught me it’s all about rapid editability, sometimes in front of the client. Not having to re-draw everything from scratch every time there’s a variation makes a big difference to how efficiently we can estimate new quotes.”

His career goal is to progress to a full QS role. “I’ve already started training for it. Things like that don’t happen overnight – I’ve still got a long way to go. It helps to have the full support of the team. I always enjoyed that about working at Stancold, and now CREST.”

Ollie is still keen on sports and even ran a half marathon during the pandemic. “My usual favourite disciplines were out of the question: no team sports and limited skiing opportunities. I was a bit bored, so I started running. And took up DJing, of all things.”

Give Ollie a warm welcome as he’s settling back into his seat, this time focusing on all things CREST and estimating your cleanroom & pharma cold stores enquiries.