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New Cleanroom Project with NGS Cleanroom Solutions

Stancold will be installing Puracore Cleanroom Panels for a probiotic manufacturer in Somerset next month.

We were selected for this work because we are the sister company of Gilcrest Manufacturing, who will be making the Puracore panels for this project. Stancold frequently partner with Gilcrest on cleanroom installations and our team have a comprehensive knowledge of Puracore, as well as working with an in-house installation team who understand the stringent conditions required for a cleanroom environment.

The probiotics manufacturer we will be installing the new cleanroom for are based in Somerset, and we will be installing approximately 4000m² of Puracore panels. The installation will take 18 weeks and Stancold will also be undertaking the project management and site management during installation.

We will also be installing 73 vision panels and five doors, as well as creating ceiling and door openings.

Puracore panels are manufactured in Bristol and meet the highest standard required for cleanrooms. They are FM approved to Standard 4882 and 4880. The production of probiotics requires a highly controlled environment, which is why the client decided to use Puracore.

Stancold are looking forward to working on a challenging and exciting cleanroom project that allows us to make the most of our team’s specialist skills, from project management to installation.

If you want to find out more about whether the Puracore Cleanroom System is suitable for your cleanroom installation or have any questions, don’t hesitate to give Mark a call on 0117 316 7007 or send him an e-mail.

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