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Meat-ing The Needs Of A Returning Customer

We’re returning to an existing customer this Summer as they undergo an expansion to their current facilities that were built by Stancold in 2016.

A fellow Taste of the West member, the client specialises in their own farm-reared beef and veal alongside other meat produce and has been in touch with Stancold for a second time based on their positive installation experience previously.

Stancold originally constructed a chiller and office on site in Dorchester and will now be returning to expand the facilities by carrying out the installation of a freezer, chiller and processing area. Full site surveys have been conducted to discuss the different elements of the project with the client and advice has been given about the optimal location for the new facilities.

During this two-week installation, the team will use Kingspan Quadcore panelling to achieve a food-safe and hygienic finish as well as sliding access and personnel doors, that meets all of the client’s requirements. We’re looking forward to seeing the final outcome and receiving feedback from our client.

For more information on the expansion projects we have worked on, take a look at our case studies or get in touch with the team.