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LPS 1500 Certification Obtained For Firewall Installation


Stancold have achieved the LPS 1500 standard, identifying as one of a few contractors in the UK certified by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) to install LPS 1208 approved fire-resisting compartmentation systems.

Being already accredited by LPCB’s parent company, BRE, for quality management systems (ISO 9001), this LPCB certification refers specifically to the installation of LPS 1208 passive fire protection products. It gives even greater credibility and confidence to our customers that we are fully qualified and competent to install LPS 1208 approved passive fire protection that delivers the project’s fire protection requirements.

How does the certification benefit our customers?

This approval will benefit specifiers, architects, main contractors, regulators, and end clients ensuring that by working with Stancold on a firewall project, they’ll be receiving an insurance approved product, installed in an approved manner, underwritten by a leading third party. This, ultimately, gives complete peace of mind to all of our clients.

After the completion of each firewall project, Stancold will supply the customer with a written confirmation called Certificate of Conformity (C of C) declaring that:

– the installation and application of the passive fire protection system satisfies the project requirements;

– it has been installed in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations and

– it has been suitably fire tested or assessed.

A copy of the C of C will also be sent to LPCB.

Procedure for obtaining and maintaining the LPCB Approval LPS 1500 standard

Stancold have undergone an initial Office Assessment involving the detailed review of documentation of specific firewall projects, installed products, quality testing and training records.

This was then followed by stringent site audits of 3 ongoing and completed Stancold firewall projects across the UK. The LPCB auditors were assessing fixings, fire protection and how the whole firewall system was installed.

At the end of the process, the auditors concluded that Stancold fully comply with LPS 1500 requirements and have the necessary skills and technical ability to install LPS 1208 passive fire resistant products correctly.

The LPS 1500 covers the following areas of passive fire protection:

  • Fire resistant walls, floors and ceilings approved to LPS 1208 such as Eurobond and Trimo Firewall Systems which Stancold have been installing for many years

In order to maintain the accreditation, there will be ongoing site and audit inspections by LPCB.