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Introducing Jayde Hassett, Stancold’s Trainee Project Coordinator

Jayde Hassett joined Stancold’s Firewall and Industrial Partitions team as a Trainee Project Coordinator in January. The past six months have been quite busy for her and it’s only now that she found time to shut Excel down and talk to us about her time with us.

“It’s exciting — I came here from an entirely different background, having worked in Mental Health and Wellbeing support before,” she said, mentioning how changing industries has been a refreshing change in her career. “I wasn’t sure what to expect and I’ve been learning new things every day. With recent shortages in all sorts of supply chains, a project coordinator role is becoming more challenging every week.”

Jayde looks after plant hires and ordering materials, works closely with the designers and makes sure everything is ready for project managers when they eventually arrive on site.

“Every now and then it gets complicated. Sometimes we arrive on-site and it turns out there is more that we need to hire; or rather than being on a job for a week, we have to divide it into two visits and we need the plants for a longer time” she explains. In such cases, her role is vital for Stancold’s ability to run multiple contracts simultaneously, not only within the Industrial Partitions team but also in the Food Division and CREST, even if she isn’t involved with these departments directly.

Outside of work, Jayde enjoys globetrotting. “I like packing my bags, getting on a plane, exploring new places, getting lost in an unknown country. My biggest journey yet was the three months I had spent in Indonesia,” she recalls. It wasn’t only a holiday though, as she mentions having worked for a month in the only psychiatric ward in the whole country.

“I like new experiences, meeting and working with different people. That’s why I enjoy working at Stancold — no contract is the same and making things go flawlessly feels very rewarding,” she sums up.

While Jayde works in the background a lot of the time, she is an important part of why hundreds of companies chose Stancold to fit out their premises. Her deep understanding of all of our live contracts will most definitely help with any of your enquiries.

If you would like to find out what it’s like working with us, call 0117 316 7000 or email sales@stancold.co.uk.