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Introducing Igor Warzocha, Marketing Support Executive

A company cannot grow without a well-oiled marketing machine. After a busy couple of years during the pandemic, we recognised that expanding our marketing department was essential to build on the plans for the growth of the business.

“As we solidify the position of our three departments in their respective industries, Stancold’s marketing department presents a lot of opportunities. It was the right time to bring in someone who can work on implementing these” says Stacy Horseman, Stancold’s Marketing Manager.

When Igor started in late May, he faced quite a challenge. “I’ll be honest – I had no experience with the construction industry. Luckily, marketing comes down to very similar things, no matter what you’re promoting. Creativity is key,” he says, as he recites an eclectic mix of arts & entertainment venues and outlets he used to work for in his home Poland and later in Malta and the UK.

“It is fascinating how cross-applicable some ideas are. A few months in, I’m still discovering how to stand out as a company in the construction industry,” Igor continues. His day-to-day responsibilities include a variety of tasks, ranging from content marketing to lead generation research.

“Running social media, retouching old and new photos, while constantly working on improving lead-generation systems we’ve got in place form a large part of my role. I’ve recently discovered I’m good at making white walls look even whiter – weirdly essential for what we do!”

When not at work, Igor likes to consume technology-related content, endlessly work on his beloved pushbike and dabble in music. “I’ve recently picked up an electric guitar to find a new music project to be mediocre in. I like learning new things, and with music, there’s always something you can improve on.”


You can see a lot of Igor’s efforts materialise on our LinkedIn profiles for both Stancold and CREST. Make sure to follow us to help him out with his KPIs!

If you want to find out what it’s like working with us, call 0117 316 7000 or email sales@stancold.co.uk.