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Introducing Bernice Howard, Stancold’s Sales Coordination Assistant

As Stancold continues to grow and expand as a business, our team is growing as well! We were excited to have Bernice Howard join the team as our Sales Coordination Assistant.

Bernice (Berni) came aboard the Stancold team towards the end of 2023 to make the process of handling new enquiries easier and more efficient. With an extensive background in customer services, sales, and operational support roles, Berni brings a unique perspective to Stancold’s Sales and Marketing team.

The emphasis Berni places on creating a strong relationship with potential clients from the outset has already had a majorly positive impact on how we interact with our customers. ‘Client delivery is really important to me,’ says Berni, ‘Going the extra mile for the customer is what makes us better than the competition.’

Throughout her career, Berni has worked not only on the front lines within client services and customer relations roles at different organisations throughout the UK, but also in risk, internal audit, and quality assurance positions. Throughout her career, she has developed immense experience in ensuring businesses operate more efficiently and maintain compliance with both their internal and regulatory policies and procedures.

Bernice Howard

Even though she had not worked in the construction industry before joining the team at Stancold, Berni has been in the food industry before, having worked in sales and marketing for a food brokerage company. ‘We were actually the company that distributed WKD when alcoholic lemonade drinks first became majorly popular in the UK,’ says Berni, ‘I was on the phone all day with retailers and supermarkets like Morrisons handling orders for that product and other food and drink products.’

Outside of work, Berni is a keen tennis player, having taken tennis back up in 2016 when her daughter started showing an interest in playing. She enjoys participating in social and competitive events through her local tennis club. ‘I really enjoy being part of charity and social events at the club,’ says Berni, ‘It’s such a great way to meet like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds and enjoy a bit of tennis!’

Within Stancold, not only does Berni’s friendly and conscientious attitude strengthen our relationship with new and existing customers, but it also makes her an absolute joy to work with for the rest of the Stancold team. ‘It’s nice to be part of a company where everyone is working together,’ says Berni of her role at Stancold, ‘We can all depend on one another to do the best job for the customer.’