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Introducing Andy Connell, Stancold’s New Business Development Manager For Food Projects

Stancold emphasises developing personalised relationships with our valued customer base, so this is a trait we were looking for in a new Business Development Manager for our food projects division. We weren’t expecting a BDM that turned down being on Game of Thrones though!

This past November, Andy Connell joined the team to work with our food projects clients. In the short time since he started, Andy has already positively impacted the business, developing strong customer relationships and moving projects in a mutually beneficial direction for Stancold and our clients.

Before joining Stancold, Andy owned and operated his own construction company for ten years, specialising in bespoke domestic projects. ‘I valued creating those individual connections with our customers,’ Andy says of running his own company. ‘I’d been in the position of receiving terrible service with these types of projects, so I was determined to offer something better, guiding people through critical decisions and accurately managing their expectations.’

food projects, Andy Connell
Andy Connell, Stancold’s New Business Development Manager For Food Projects


That emphasis on relationship-building and providing guidance is something that makes Andy a perfect fit for working with our clients, leading them through the decisions to build bespoke food facilities and cold stores. ‘It’s a bit strange being in an office environment again,’ he says, ‘but there’s no substitute for watching the interactions and processes of my colleagues in person to learn how I can better serve our customers.’


Our own Andy Connell participating in a live-action roleplay!


Outside of the office, Andy absolutely loves being part of live-action role play events throughout the UK, and has even been part of various film productions such as Wrath of the Titans. He even got an offer to be a part of Game of Thrones’ first season but turned it down as his daughter was only nine months old and he’d have had to go to Ireland to film for six months. ‘There’s obviously no regrets there,’ he quickly says of that decision, ‘family always comes first.’