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Interview with Stacy Horseman – Women in Construction Week 2022

This week we’re delighted to be celebrating both Women in Construction Week 2022 and International Women’s Day; two incredibly important events that recognise the achievements of women while also raising awareness about equality.

We operate in the construction industry, an industry that is notoriously male-dominated. It’s therefore particularly important for us to ensure that women are given equal opportunities and a strong voice. We spoke to our Marketing Manager, Stacy Horseman, about her personal experiences during her time in the industry so far.

What made construction an appealing industry to work in?

“There are so many different areas and specialisms of construction, particularly when it comes to panel build services like Stancold. I was interested in learning a specialised trade and really getting stuck in to applying my own marketing knowledge and skillset.” 

Have you had to overcome any hurdles as a woman within the industry? 

“I feel like I’m fortunate enough to have not experienced many major hurdles as a woman in the industry, but starting out in construction as a young female just over 6 years ago did require me to assert myself within my role to ensure that I wasn’t overlooked. While I’m sure it wasn’t always intentional from colleagues, it was easy to spend meetings watching others discuss ideas and not be asked to contribute. Finding my voice, not only as a young person with little construction experience at the time, but also a female, did feel like quite a challenge.” 

How can the industry become more appealing to women? 

“I think the industry needs to demonstrate that it is more readily accessibly to women – we shouldn’t have to wear PPE that is from a men’s catalogue because that’s what the business has always done, or feel like female toilets on site are not up-to-scratch. The right tools, processes and infrastructure are in place for things like this so businesses really need to be getting on board and shouting about this, right down to the smallest detail.” 

We’re really grateful for Stacy’s insight that shows businesses can be more inclusive across the board. Unfortunately, some construction companies still possess traditional stereotypes that often neglect the role of women within the industry.

We continue to recruit talented women across both on-site and office-based roles that play a key part in maintaining and growing the success of Stancold. Whether you have years of experience in the industry or are looking for a new challenge, there is always an opportunity at Stancold!

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