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Internal Food Production Facility Fit-Out for Local Client

Working with growing local businesses is important here at Stancold, where we will support their latest ventures to refurbish, expand and relocate due to their continual success. This is the case for an upcoming project being undertaken by Stancold not far from our base in Avonmouth.

Our client, a producer of single-use food ingredients, came to us as they make the move to new premises, having outgrown their previous home. Only relocating 10 miles north, the new facility has been built specifically for our client, who will continue to successfully produce a range of herbs, spices and powders for their food distributor customers, many of whom we have also worked with before!

Stancold’s Business Development Manager and food & drink specialist, Sam Taylor, along with the project management & design team were able to develop a complete turnkey solution for this project, working with the client across the concept, design and into the installation phase. This was aided by site surveys and meetings to ensure all requirements were met.

Stancold will be supplying and installing food-safe panelling to create 6 new internal hygienic areas for the client’s production lines. Constructing the facility using Hemsec PIR panels with white food-safe coating, the team will also install vision access panels and strip curtains between areas. Strip curtains are an important part of food production facilities to improve the movement of personnel and materials through the space and provide protection against noise and dirt.

Work gets underway at the end of this month where the Stancold installation team will be on site for approximately two weeks.

If business is booming and you’re planning an expansion, relocation or refurbishment to continue to meet client demand, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your project further. Give us a call on 0117 316 7000 or send your enquiry here.