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Installing Firewalls for Military in Wiltshire

Stancold are heading into 2019 with another firewall project in the pipeline, partnering with a new construction contractor. Having worked with the end user on previous projects of a similar nature, we’re pleased to be able to provide our passive fire protection services once again.

Based in Wiltshire, the garrison town’s military accommodation is undergoing construction where Stancold will be installing separation firewalls within one of the units, to be used as a creche. These partitions will be located in the roof space of the building, where there will be blockwork walls constructed up to the ceiling.

Due to the design of the building and nature of its use, it will be made up of a number of small rooms. Stancold will be completing the fire-rated panel work before the blockwork takes place to allow for the large plant used within our installations to move freely. The contractor will prop up the existing steelwork in preparation for the Stancold team to begin on site.

On site at the end of January, Stancold are working earlier in the overall programme of works than they usually would with a contractor, due to the blockwork requirements. This was carefully planned through design meetings held in the early stages, where Stancold’s industrial partitions specialist, Shaun Jones, was able to work closely with the contractor to discuss the full programme.

The series of firewalls will be constructed out of Eurobond Firemaster Mineral Fibre panels of 100mm thickness, accompanied by the installation of fire batt to ensure maximum fire protection of up to two hours.

To find out more about our firewall installations and to discuss an upcoming project with our specialist team, send us an enquiry or call us on 0117 316 7000.