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Industrial Partitions Team Completes a Project in Stroud

A local, Gloucester-based main contractor contacted Stancold’s industrial partition team looking for assistance on the fire-rated scope of their works.


“It’s a new client, a company with 60 years of history, but not very involved in warehouse construction, which would explain how we have never worked with them before”, Shaun Jones, our industrial partitions expert, starts. “A company very much like Stancold, family-owned and run.”

Having never used composite panel solutions for warehouse office enclosures, our clients needed to subcontract the fire-rated whitewall portion of their project. Two units that will eventually become a medical manufacturing company’s warehouse required a fire rating of 120 mins.

“Everything went very smoothly, and my contacts were very receptive to our feedback – which is important when you want to get things built without significant redesigns and delays”, Shaun continues. “Based on the U-value and the 100 mm thickness requirements, I suggested Trimo panels. Less common than the Eurobond Firemasters we’re known for, but in this case, their specification aligned perfectly.”

The spans in steelworks, Shaun’s usual concern, were not an issue. “Both parties were flexible, and from what I heard from the projects team, the installation also went very well and was completed in a week.”

Whether you’re a veteran warehouse contractor looking for an equally seasoned white walling partner, or you’ve never built anything with fire ratings in scope and are looking for guidance, our team has got you covered.