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Food-safe Coldrooms built for Sample Testing Labs

Not every laboratory has to be ISO or GMP graded. Food-safe clean fit-outs services apply to many situations. Patrick Ball, Stancold’s food industry expert, shares his insights into a recently completed project.


“It was just over a year ago when our long-time installation partner, Adcock Refrigeration, approached us with a job in one of 350 locations of a global sample testing company that wanted to up their capacity”, he starts. “At first, I thought it might be something CREST would be interested in – contaminated soil & water for brownfield construction doesn’t exactly sound like food industry cold storage. It was quite refreshing, actually.”

Patrick has worked with Adcock’s engineers since his first day at Stancold, developing a deep understanding of their processes. Such partnerships speed up every project stage and make working towards specifications a breeze.

“It turned out the requirements weren’t as strict as a typical lab, and our scope was more value than specs oriented. I enjoy these. Figuring out how to deliver a space that is just right and optimising budgets for all the parties involved is a rewarding exercise”, Patrick sums up.

Stancold’s on-site team built the 105 & 30 m² spaces across two storeys in less time than we expected, allowing Adcock to hand over the areas to the end user within a strict deadline.

We’ve partnered with various companies to deliver turnkey food-safe cold rooms over the past 75+ years.

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