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Flush Cleanroom System for Battery Production

Stancold’s experience in installing flush cleanroom systems has given us an excellent reputation across the industry. Our strong expertise has given us the opportunity to work with a cleanroom contractor once again this Spring as they undertake a new project in Romsey.

This project will see Stancold responsible for the installation of a fully flush cleanroom for solid-state battery production. Using our extensive knowledge of different cleanroom options, we were able to quote a number of options and amend as per the client’s requests. With an order placed, Stancold’s project management team will now commence with site surveys, construction drawings and door schedules prior to panel manufacture.

The three-week project will involve the installation of Kingspan Precision cleanroom panels of 80mm thickness, a framed flush system with panels made to size, as well as flush vision panels, flush doors and a Kingspan Versatile ceiling.

As the main cleanroom areas will be working with lithium, the humidity levels must be kept very low to prevent chemical reactions that impact the shelf life of the batteries. Therefore, the sealing of the room is imperative. Non-flush chiller doors have been selected for these areas, due to their enhanced sealing properties, while flush hinged personnel doors will be installed everywhere else. Door interlocking is required to a shared airlock between the entrance and cleanroom areas.

Stancold’s specialist knowledge of different cleanroom systems available to the market allows the team to suggest which solution is best suited to each project, and by being able to mix different systems and doors, we can confidently meet our clients’ requirements.

For more information about Stancold’s cleanroom installations and how we can help your business, please get in touch with our specialist, Mark Kendrick, on 07585 301 425 or drop us an enquiry here.