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Firewall Contract Completed for a Distribution Warehouse

Stancold’s industrial partitions team made yet another partner in the industry as a company from Bedford approached us to deliver FR-60 walls for two new units in Buckinghamshire, a future home for a worldwide distribution corporation.


“CREST’s Lee Duffield passed me an email with an enquiry for a couple of firewalls. Not necessarily our cleanroom division’s expertise, so I was happy to assist,” says Shaun Jones, Stancold’s industrial partitions expert. “As much as we are separate teams, we always work together on things that cross over. Our clients know whenever they need a composite-panel-based solution, they can reach out to any of our staff and be passed on to the most appropriate person to speak to.”

60 minute firewalls

This time, the client was another fit-out company – an interior specialist looking for a partner to deliver the enclosure for a future office in a warehouse. Stancold not only built the walls but also assisted in creating designs and provided advice on the steelworks required to provide the specified fire rating.

Two partitions totalling 266 m² had to be colour-matched to existing structures. Our team took into consideration all aspects of such requirements, as panel colours vary not only between suppliers but also differ slightly with every production run on the same factory line.

“The team showed great effort as the project required a quick turnaround, not only on the installation side but also at the design stage. It is an enormous advantage to partner with an experienced crew like my colleagues at Stancold when working towards strict deadlines,” Shaun summarises.

Whether you’re a commercial landlord or a company looking to partner up to deliver an industrial partition within your project, reach out to Shaun at sjones@stancold.co.uk or call 07821 152663.