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Fire-Rated Partition Installation for Warehouse Dividing Wall & Offices

As specialist installers of fire-rated industrial partitions and with vast experience in installing in the warehousing industry, we’re pleased to be adding another project to our portfolio for September.

Stancold will be working with a new client, a construction contractor, undertaking the installation of over 1000m² of firewall partitions in a large warehouse unit in Crawley. The partitions will form office spaces and amenities alongside the construction of a sub-dividing wall to separate the warehouse into two units.

Office spaces will maintain a fire rating of up to two hours, achieved through the construction of 100mm Eurobond Mineral Fibre panels. This will be completed in the first phase of the three-week project, with the warehouse dividing wall installed during a second stage, enabling other contractors to complete their work throughout the entire warehouse.

Due to the 12m extended height of the building, a thicker Mineral Fibre panel of 175mm will be used for the central warehouse dividing wall in order to achieve the desired four-hour fire rating while still being able to use full height panels with vertical installation. As always, Stancold will also be responsible for ensuring complete fire integrity through the use of firestopping products.

Stancold’s specialist firewall project manager, Edwin Drew, has attended a number of Design Team Meetings in order to come together with the client and other contractors to address any issues that arise in the pre-construction stages and therefore prevent disruption once the build begins. Having a project management and coordination team with extensive experience and strong technical knowledge of this type of application provides our clients with the support they need throughout each aspect of the project.

If your business requires fire-rated partitions or a cost-effective fire-safe compartmentation system in your premises, find out more information by giving us a call or send us an enquiry.