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External Firewall Design & Installation for Live Biomass Plant, Barry

When it comes to firewalls, Stancold have extensive experience in installing internal partitions to prevent the spread of fire and in turn ensure adherence to Building Regulations.

Where new fire safety regulations are introduced in an industry, businesses have to react quickly in order to comply and keep their operations and staff safe. When this happens, we are able to assist clients by working together in the design and installation of appropriate fire-safe solutions.

This has been at the core of an upcoming Stancold project, where the team have been developing the concept, design and soon-to-be installation of an external fire-rated partition at a biomass facility in Barry. For the past 8 months, Stancold’s firewall specialist, Shaun Jones, has been in discussions with a national energy supplier following new fire safety regulations introduced to plant sites.

To complete the works in Barry, we will be working with a consultancy that has considerable experience in the high voltage distribution industry, where Stancold will be installing an external fire protection wall between a generator and reactor. This partition will act as the core barrier in containing the spread of flame during the unlikely event of a fire outbreak, biding extra time for emergency services to arrive, and so that the other generators containing highly reactive substances aren’t affected.

The installation team will be erecting a steelwork frame and installing Eurobond Mineral Fibre 125mm panels with an externally treated finish to withstand the outdoor elements. This will be accompanied by fireboarding to the steelwork and overcladding in steel for maximum durability and fire integrity. Completed on a live site, the generators and other machinery will operate as normal, so protection of the existing equipment is paramount. With vast experience of live project work, Stancold’s project management and installation teams have ensured health and safety at the forefront of the planning process and will continue to do so when work gets underway on site in October.

We hope this week-long installation to be the first of similar projects with the consultancy and look forward to seeing the outcome.

If your business operates in the energy sector and requires a solution to suit new site fire safety regulations, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Give us a call on 0117 316 7000 or drop us an enquiry here so we can get back to you.