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CTCB-I Approval for Stancold’s Mark Kendrick

Stancold’s Senior Business Development Manager, Mark Kendrick, has been a key member of the business for over 10 years, where his valuable knowledge within the pharmaceutical and medical sector has assisted many clients across the UK with their bespoke requirements for cleanrooms and sterile environments.

To further expand his understanding of cleanroom design, construction and operation while putting his existing knowledge to the test, Mark recently undertook and successfully passed the Cleanroom Technology theory course, a recognised accreditation delivered by the Cleanroom Testing & Certification Board. The programme covers a variety of aspects within cleanroom technology, including its history, standards and disciplines, and is completed with a two-hour written exam that encompasses everything learnt in the accompanying handbook and one-day revision lecture.

Though the programme, Mark has gained a greater depth of cleanroom knowledge that allows him to make succinct recommendations to our clients. This includes the best suited material options for cleanroom construction and accompanying ancillaries that are relative to the different activities to be undertaken within them.

Acknowledging his merits, Mark said “I’m very pleased to have gained my CTCB-I certification and will continue to use this knowledge to accurately guide and inform our clients’ cleanroom projects”.

Everyone at Stancold would like to congratulate Mark on this achievement.

For more information on the supply and installation of cleanroom panelling systems for ISO grade and GMP cleanroom environments, please get in touch with Mark on 07585 301 425 or send your enquiry here.