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CREST Complete Two-Storey Cleanroom Remedial Works

CREST’s integrated approach to working with turnkey cleanroom construction contractors over the last decade has enabled the team to demonstrate their versatility as experts in architectural cleanroom envelopes.  

This was no different for one of the team’s latest contracts, where they were required to carry out repairs on an existing client’s cleanroom within automotive manufacturing. Accidental forklift damage can be common on busy sites like this but being able to ensure that the cleanroom’s validity isn’t compromised is a top priority in this situation.

As the cleanroom envelope was originally built by our team in 2019, CREST’s Mark Kendrick had some familiarity with the Oxfordshire site, but it was imperative that a site survey was conducted to assess the damage and understand the requirements to repair.

As a two-storey cleanroom with single-span outer walls, care and attention was necessary when removing the damaged panels and replacing them with new ones, all while the warehouse remained operational.

Repairs were complete and CREST’s team off-site again in less than a week.

CREST’s end-to-end service with clients across the pharmaceutical, medical and advanced manufacturing industries in the UK has demonstrated time and time again. To find out more, get in touch with Mark Kendrick on 07585 301 425.