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CREST Complete Turnkey Pharmaceutical Cold Store Contract

Stancold’s Clean Room Envelope Specialist Team have completed a handover in Oxfordshire, following the successful build of another turnkey pharmaceutical cold room.

Working with an existing client, a leading contractor in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, the team assumed responsibility for the design, supply, installation, commissioning and validation of a 2°C-8°C cold store for the housing of temperature-critical pharmaceutical materials.

As part of the consultative approach we undertake across every aspect of our service, the team completed a site visit to meet our client and the end user to review site conditions and ensure all finer details were agreed prior to design and construction planning.

Located on the ground floor of this specialist manufacturing facility, the cold store was to be installed underneath a mezzanine, so maximising all available space not only through our design, but during the construction itself was a key focus.

The room was built using Kingspan QuadCore panels, a system that boasts superior insulating properties, and was completed with automated sliding door and strip curtains. As with many of CREST pharmaceutical chiller builds, the refrigeration element incorporated 100% backup, so that in the event of power failure, the room’s contents would not be compromised.

The build itself was sequenced in line with our refrigeration team, who worked closely together so that the constraints posed by the mezzanine floor were kept to a minimum. This involved completing some elements of the cold store envelope before installation of refrigeration equipment internally, and condensers externally, located on the roof of the facility alongside other plant.

In line with our own COVID-19 safety policy and our clients’, our site team remained vigilant in safe working and tested regularly throughout the duration of the contract.

This was another key project where the team continued to demonstrate their knowledge and experience in what is required for such specialist environments for the pharmaceutical industry.

For more information on our work within pharmaceutical temperature-controlled storage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert, Mark Kendrick, on 07585 301 425 or mkendrick@stancold.co.uk.