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Continued Customer Satisfaction Success

We are very pleased that our latest set of customer satisfaction results for May and June 2017 show that we continue to improve every aspect of our service, from initial quote to installation.

Stancold has continuously monitored customer satisfaction since 2013, speaking to our customers over the phone and asking them to complete surveys. This enables us to see where we are performing well and to improve in others.

We look at a whole range of projects of different sizes and complexity. We look at installation as well as supply only and also get in touch with those who request a quote, regardless of whether they go ahead.

The results are reported back to the Management Team every two months and are also shared with members of staff. We celebrate our successes and look at areas where we can improve, so we really appreciate our customers taking the time to feed back to us.

Our latest set of results shows our commitment to deliver our installations on time – with a perfect score (10/10) on meeting our completion deadlines.

We strive to keep our customers satisfied and aim for a minimum of 8/10 satisfaction rate. In these bi-monthly results, we have scored over 9/10 on the professionalism of the installation team, communication with the Stancold team, a likelihood of using us again and recommending us.

We’re extremely pleased with our latest customer feedback, but that doesn’t mean we will be resting on our laurels. We will continue to speak to our customers on regular basis and ensure we offer the highest standard of service we can.


Interpretation of figures

10 exceptionally good, extremely likely to recommend and use us again

9 very good, very likely to recommend and use us again