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Constructing 1 Hour Fire-Rated Panels For Site Reconfiguration

In September, the team will be on site in Blackburn to work with an M&E contractor for the installation of one-hour fire-rated panels.

Stancold previously installed a collection of rooms to house the production of aeroplane composite panels and will be returning in September to carry out a reconfiguration programme and add new units.

Full site surveys were conducted to understand the different components of the project and the schedule was put together for the three-week installation later on this year.

The team will be using Eurobond Mineral Fibre panels to construct the facilities as well as installing rapid rise doors and vision panels to the client’s requirements. Stancold have also put together a bespoke walk-on ceiling plan supported by steel goalposts in order to bear the heavier weight of air conditioning units and machinery that would otherwise not be supported with regular suspension.

For more information on Stancold’s fire-rated panels, get in touch with us here.