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A Composite Building for Returning High-End Manufacturing Client in Wiltshire

We work hard to maintain long-standing and valuable relationships with our clients, enabling them to turn to us again when new projects are on the horizon.

This has been the case for an upcoming project, situated locally to us in Wiltshire, where we have successfully constructed a laboratory on site. Following the end user’s recommendation, Stancold will be working with this project’s refurbishment fit-out specialists to provide a composite building over an existing laboratory within an insulated hangar.

With the hangar space outside of the laboratory struggling with condensation issues because of the absence of any form of ventilation and heating, the client requires a structure that will allow such equipment to be installed. This, in turn, will allow specific temperatures in this area to be regulated and condensation problems to dissipate.

The team will be working in the large hangar to complete the project, where the programme has been co-ordinated to accommodate the complex nature of the works. Installing Kingspan Quadcore panels to form the building, the team have had to consider an existing chain hoist steel track within the hangar as well as the absence of structural steel to support the ceiling suspension. Due to this, a single span ceiling will be installed, where Stancold have been involved throughout the design stages of the project to specify the correct thickness of the panels and have had to allow for a significant amount of plant to ensure this is completed successfully. A double-hinged and sliding chiller door will also be fitted to allow easy access to and from the facility.

Whilst this is our first project with the fit-out client, we have built a very positive relationship with them so far and of course are very pleased to be assisting the end user once again. The project is due to commence in mid-November.

For more information on our structural projects or if you have a cleanroom or laboratory requirement within your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch or give us a call on 0117 316 7000.