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Completing an Internal Packaging Facility for Baked Goods

This month, Stancold have successfully completed another project for the food industry, leaving site with a very satisfied new client.

Based in Wales and specialising in the production of nutritional baked goods, the client required a new internal packaging facility within their existing warehouse. This would form part of their overall re-fit of the premises this year.

During initial consultations, Stancold’s food & drink specialist, Sam Taylor, visited site to discuss the client’s requirements and undertake a full survey of the work area. He was able to liaise consultatively and provide key advice on materials that would be best suited to their needs.

The on-site installation team used Eurobond Mineral Fibre panels to complete the new hygienic packaging area, with 100mm thickness for the walls and 125mm for the ceiling, where this material would provide the non-combustible requirement that the client requested. Aluminium treadplate was also installed to the room’s exterior in order to provide added protection from potential forklift and pump truck damage, addressing another concern from the client.

Due to the hard work of the Stancold team throughout this project and the client’s ongoing need for further internal hygienic partitioning and ceilings, we’re looking forward to working with them again at a later date.

For more information about our work within the food & drink sector and how we have successfully transformed manufacturing space into complete food-safe facilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sam on 07768 670 150 or send us your enquiry here.