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Chiller & Freezer Installation for Royal Navy Boats

Stancold are once again working with J&E Hall to install a chiller and freezer on two Offshore Patrol Vehicles for the Royal Navy.

For the past few months, we have been working with J&E Hall on a series of three installations for Royal Navy Boats around the UK. We’ll be working in Scotland on the next install, due to start in April, and will be installing two dual compartments comprising of a chiller and freezer.

The rooms (one chiller and one freezer per boat) will hold the food for the kitchen so that all that the team who are stationed on the boat can eat freshly made produce, cooked by the chef and assistants who are also on board to ensure they are well fed!

Installing a freezer and chiller on these types of boats is a real challenge and our installation team will be working in very confined spaces. The entire project will run for over two years, with the boat getting built around our boxed up materials.

It was our extensive experience of working on similar projects and being involved with installations on ships that led J&E Hall to select us for this project. One of our most notable projects was the recent installation on brand new aircraft carriers.

The two boats will be fitted with a chiller and freezer each, using Kingspan IPN-Quadcore panels with hinged doors and hinged hatches. Four tier stainless steel free-standing shelving, complete with guard rails and wall fixings will be installed at the same time.

This installation will start in the spring and our installer team will be in Glasgow. It’s fantastic to be working with J&E Hall again and we are really pleased to be involved in such a prestigious project that will form part of these impressive new offshore patrol vehicles.