Snack Production Factory

Hill Construction


We were approached by Hill Construction to provide partition walls for a leading tortilla chip production factory in Gateshead.


To manufacture, deliver and install mineral fibre insulated panels to form partition walls in the new food production area.

Project Delivery

Meeting the challenge of finishing works in a very short lead-time and installing walls while the factory was operating normally. In order to maintain the clean level of working and omit less dust, cuts were made externally and were cleaned up before brought into the building.

Andy Connell

I rate Stancold’s performance 10 out of 10.

Neil Hill - Hill Construction
ProjectInstalling Partition Walls in Food Factory
LocationGateshead, Durham
Building UseTortilla Chip Production Factory
Panel CoreMineral Fibre
Panel SupplierEurobond
Panel Thickness100mm
Panel FacingWhite Cleanable Polyester Finish
Panel RequirementsInstalled Vertically at a Maximum of 7.77m
Door RequirementsInsulated Hinged Door: Opening of 800mm wide x 2000mm high, Lever Handle