Introducing Bernice Howard, Stancold’s Sales Coordination Assistant

As Stancold continues to grow and expand as a business, our team is growing as well! We were excited to have Bernice Howard join the team as our Sales Coordination Assistant.

Bernice (Berni) came aboard the Stancold team towards the end of 2023 to make the process of handling new enquiries easier and more efficient. With an extensive background in customer services, sales, and operational support roles, Berni brings a unique perspective to Stancold’s Sales and Marketing team.

The emphasis Berni places on creating a strong relationship with potential clients from the outset has already had a majorly positive impact on how we interact with our customers. ‘Client delivery is really important to me,’ says Berni, ‘Going the extra mile for the customer is what makes us better than the competition.’

Throughout her career, Berni has worked not only on the front lines within client services and customer relations roles at different organisations throughout the UK, but also in risk, internal audit, and quality assurance positions. Throughout her career, she has developed immense experience in ensuring businesses operate more efficiently and maintain compliance with both their internal and regulatory policies and procedures.

Bernice Howard

Even though she had not worked in the construction industry before joining the team at Stancold, Berni has been in the food industry before, having worked in sales and marketing for a food brokerage company. ‘We were actually the company that distributed WKD when alcoholic lemonade drinks first became majorly popular in the UK,’ says Berni, ‘I was on the phone all day with retailers and supermarkets like Morrisons handling orders for that product and other food and drink products.’

Outside of work, Berni is a keen tennis player, having taken tennis back up in 2016 when her daughter started showing an interest in playing. She enjoys participating in social and competitive events through her local tennis club. ‘I really enjoy being part of charity and social events at the club,’ says Berni, ‘It’s such a great way to meet like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds and enjoy a bit of tennis!’

Within Stancold, not only does Berni’s friendly and conscientious attitude strengthen our relationship with new and existing customers, but it also makes her an absolute joy to work with for the rest of the Stancold team. ‘It’s nice to be part of a company where everyone is working together,’ says Berni of her role at Stancold, ‘We can all depend on one another to do the best job for the customer.’

Stancold Named The Preferred Food Factory Fit-Out Partner For Taste of the West

The Food Projects team at Stancold are proud to be named the 2024 Preferred Food Factory Fit-Out Partner by our friends at Taste of the West.

As a Southwest-based company since our founding in 1946, we value working with food producers in this region. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on our partnership with Taste of the West, the area’s leading collective of food producers.

Established in 1991, Taste of the West works to support and promote the incredible food manufacturers and providers of the Southwest. Over their thirty-year history, their logo has come to symbolise food-producing excellence.

Last year, Stancold sponsored the Sustainability Award at the Taste of the West Awards and chose Westaway Sausages as the winner for not only their environmentally conscious production methods but for going above and beyond with finding and implementing the most sustainable method for packing their delicious sausages!

Sustainability Award sponsorship; taste of the west
Stancold Managing Director Andy Croxton and Marketing & Sales Support Manager Stacy Horseman with the team at Westaway Sausages at the Taste of the West awards.


Stancold is proud to continue the partnership this year and is excited to have been chosen as the Preferred Food Factory Fit-Out Partner for 2024. As we are based in Bristol, Stancold is right on the doorstep of Taste of the West’s members, so our location plus our Food Projects Team’s 80 years of combined food facility experience makes us the perfect solution for Taste of the West members’ whitewall and cold store enquiries.

Whether it’s to help build an entirely new factory extension or just to have a look at a small section of whitewall panelling that could use some remedial work, Stancold can be the first call for Taste of the West members.

‘As a company proud of its West Country roots and passionate about supporting local producers, growers and innovators,’ says Stancold’s Managing Director Andy Croxton, ‘we are delighted to be working with Taste of the West to share our decades of expertise and knowledge in Food Factory design and construction to help its members achieve their business ambitions.’

Stancold has established a very communicative relationship with the team at Taste of the West, as we both prioritise supporting the region’s food producers to allow them to do what they do best, manufacturing the highest quality food products in the entire United Kingdom.

‘We are delighted to be teaming up with the wonderful people at Stancold again this year,’ says TOTW Chief Executive John Sheaves, ‘the partnership is so strong and really demonstrates what can be achieved through collaboration. As we grow our cooperative of food businesses here in the Southwest, we are definitely better together!’


taste of the west
Stacy Horseman and Assistant Marketing Manager Dan Bartfield with TOTW CEO John Sheaves and Business Development Manager Caroline Cook at the Stancold office.


Click here to learn more about Taste of the West!

Process Improvement Works For a Leading Nutritional Products Company

2024 is off to a great start with Stancold’s Food Projects Team winning a tender for major process improvement works at a leading UK nutritional products company.

Towards the end of 2023, we came into contact with a nutritional products company in the UK that needed a very specific whitewall project completed. The specific project was quite unique, as the manufacturer needed to repurpose areas of their factory to not only use the space more efficiently but to best suit a changing product line.

Andy Connell, Stancold’s Project Specialist for Food Facilities, drove up to visit the manufacturer and see first-hand what type of work needed to be done and why. The manufacturer is starting to focus more on products that are classified as ‘high care’ meaning they need special protection and separation from other parts of the product line.

‘The separation of high care areas from the rest of the factory is very important to the client to keep their evolving product line in step with BRC guidelines,’ said Andy, ‘Stancold will be able to install a bespoke whitewall layout to section off these parts of their production for a repurposed space within the existing facility.’

High-care areas are parts of a food production facility that require increased levels of hygiene, working practices, and separation to prevent forms of cross-contamination. Everyday examples of high-care food products would be pre-prepared sandwiches or airline meals.

This exciting project falls within process improvement works, which means helping food facilities repurpose parts of their facilities to meet their evolving needs and goals. ‘Stancold has been working in food facilities for over seventy-five years,’ said Andy, ‘so we know a thing or two about repurposing a client’s facility to achieve their changing priorities.’

Our entire Food Projects team are very excited about working on this project and developing a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with the client. The first stage of the project is starting this week and is in the safe hands of our Food Projects Manager, Sam Glover.

To get the ball rolling on your food facility’s expansion or reconfiguration, contact Stancold’s Food Projects Specialist, Andy Connell, at or 07768 670150.

Introducing Andy Connell, Stancold’s New Business Development Manager For Food Projects

Stancold emphasises developing personalised relationships with our valued customer base, so this is a trait we were looking for in a new Business Development Manager for our food projects division. We weren’t expecting a BDM that turned down being on Game of Thrones though!

This past November, Andy Connell joined the team to work with our food projects clients. In the short time since he started, Andy has already positively impacted the business, developing strong customer relationships and moving projects in a mutually beneficial direction for Stancold and our clients.

Before joining Stancold, Andy owned and operated his own construction company for ten years, specialising in bespoke domestic projects. ‘I valued creating those individual connections with our customers,’ Andy says of running his own company. ‘I’d been in the position of receiving terrible service with these types of projects, so I was determined to offer something better, guiding people through critical decisions and accurately managing their expectations.’

food projects, Andy Connell
Andy Connell, Stancold’s New Business Development Manager For Food Projects


That emphasis on relationship-building and providing guidance is something that makes Andy a perfect fit for working with our clients, leading them through the decisions to build bespoke food facilities and cold stores. ‘It’s a bit strange being in an office environment again,’ he says, ‘but there’s no substitute for watching the interactions and processes of my colleagues in person to learn how I can better serve our customers.’


Our own Andy Connell participating in a live-action roleplay!


Outside of the office, Andy absolutely loves being part of live-action role play events throughout the UK, and has even been part of various film productions such as Wrath of the Titans. He even got an offer to be a part of Game of Thrones’ first season but turned it down as his daughter was only nine months old and he’d have had to go to Ireland to film for six months. ‘There’s obviously no regrets there,’ he quickly says of that decision, ‘family always comes first.’