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A Marathon for Tommy’s Charity

Stancold was moved to support Alex Scott’s 2017 Marathon Challenge for Tommy’s because as a business we are here to do the best we can, to provide and to remember that the truly important things in life are those we care for and those closest to us.

To be able to make a small difference to such an important cause makes us proud.

Tommy’s is a UK based charity which not only funds research but also provides support and advice to parents, it’s a shocking statistic that each year around 3,500 babies in the UK are stillborn. This little understood condition can have a devastating impact on parents and families.

In the summer of 2015, Alex and Hayleigh’s daughter and Maisie’s sister Florri was stillborn. The family were grateful for the support of the medical staff and the facilities at Maple Suite, Southmead Hospital in Bristol, which enabled them and their close friends and family, to spend time with Florrie, at what was probably the hardest time of their lives.

It is no surprise that like others who have found themselves in this situation, the Scott’s biggest question was “Why did this happen?”. Florrie had been growing perfectly and Hayleigh had not had any complications. It is a question that couldn’t be answered and it is the reason that Alex decided to support Tommy’s.

Tommy’s has already made a huge difference in many areas of the country, notably Manchester where through specialist clinics and supporting women during their pregnancy they have been able to reduce the stillbirth rate by 22%.

Alex is hoping to raise essential funds for this unique charity by running an impressive 26.2 miles through the streets of London in April next year. If you would like to donate to Alex’s fundraising campaign you can do so here.

To find out more about Tommy’s and the amazing work they do visit their website.

Good luck Alex, we will be cheering you on!