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Installing a 10m High Food Deliveries Chill Store in Somerset

Stancold’s latest project within the food & drink industry has kicked off in Somerset, as the team work with a local fit-out contractor to construct a new chiller facility within a new purpose-built warehouse.

The end user appointed the fit-out contractor to build a dedicated deliveries warehouse, used to accept all main deliveries and then distribute manageable loads to the main working site.

As part of the works, Stancold will be supplying and installing the hygienic panelling and accompanying food-safe doors to create the chilled unit within the large warehouse. Utilising over 2600m² of insulated panels and erecting a ceiling at 10m high, this is an intricate build where particular consideration was taken during planning. Stancold’s food & drink specialist, Sam Taylor, and Senior Contracts Manager, Sam Glover, have conducted thorough site surveys to take into account the finer details of the works and build this into the project’s design and installation schedule.

In order to deliver a food-safe chiller of the highest quality, Stancold’s installation team will be using the Kingspan Quadcore insulated panel system, building with panels of both 100mm and 150mm thicknesses. This is to be accompanied by an automated sliding chiller door which will be suitable for the loads regularly moving in and out of the facility. Working with our trusted suppliers in this area, we’ve been able to continue to fulfil the end user’s specific requirements appropriately, providing further hinged personnel doors with emergency release capabilities.

Having strong technical and product expertise that spans over several decades within the Stancold team has been key in the planning for this project, to be able to successfully work to our client’s requirements and ensure a smooth build.

We’re looking forward to seeing the project’s progress.

To discuss our food-safe facilities in more detail, get in touch with Sam Taylor on 07768 670 150 or send your enquiry through to us here.