Cleanroom Design & Build

Building on CREST’s 10 years of standalone cleanroom environment experience, we offer turnkey cleanroom design and build packages to meet ISO standard 6-9 and clean-not-classified controlled environments.

Working with clients across the pharmaceutical, medical and high-tech manufacturing industries, including semiconductor, automotive and medical device manufacture and processing, our team have unrivalled knowledge and technical understanding to guide you through the design, build and validation of a modular cleanroom that suits your operational workflows and budgetary considerations.

CREST’s service offering within a turnkey cleanroom package includes:

  • A 3D design of your project to visualise the space.
  • A build programme that aligns with your operations – working within a live environment or during scheduled shutdown periods.
  • Guaranteed URS compliance, quality assurance and co-ordination in envelope specification, HVAC integration and site management.
  • Cleanroom servicing and revalidation options for continued operational excellence.

3D flyover of a turnkey cleanroom

From initial concept discussions on-site to final handover, your project will be taken care of by a single point of contact within CREST to ensure a seamless cleanroom build process, allowing your focus to remain on the priorities within your business.

Our Promise

  • Specialist Dedicated Team of In-House Cleanroom Installers
  • Accurate BIM 3D Modelling Design Support
  • Clear Understanding of Business Continuity & Working in Live Environments
  • Design & Build Development Support from Concept to Completion
  • URS Compliance & Quality Assurance
  • Servicing & Maintenance Packages for Optimal Cleanroom Performance

Our on-site teams have been exclusively selected based on their superior knowledge and experience of cleanroom and controlled environment installation, and are overseen by a project management team with over 60 years of combined industry expertise. From envelope construction to integration of mechanical and electrical services, their ability to work efficiently yet carefully is second to none.

To get your modular cleanroom project off the ground in 2024, don’t hesitate to call Matt Swift on 07710 592 532 or send an enquiry.