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Removal & Reinstallation of Warm Room for Food Logistics

Stancold’s bespoke service is designed to create solutions that are perfect for each of our clients. With many different requirements within the food & drink industry alone, our scope has evolved massively to cover new areas across the last few years.

A long-time client of ours, a logistics provider within the food & drink industry, approached us with a rather unique situation. Where an existing warm room within their facility had unfortunately become damaged, they were now looking to have this removed and replaced. The warm room within their facility is an important feature that allows workers operating in the adjacent cold room to enter a warm space upon exit.

We were happy to take on this challenge and began by organising a site visit to assess the damage of the existing room. This allowed our team to see the site first-hand but also identify certain features that were safe to reuse in the new build, furthermore cutting costs for our client. Our inspection concluded that some of the vision panels and doors could be reused while others needed replacing. Meanwhile, Kingspan QuadCore composite panelling would be used to replace all of the existing PIR panels.

We ensured a quick turnaround on this project and completed our work earlier this month. Our client was very satisfied with our value-engineered solution and it’s great to see that their Coventry facility is now fully operational once again.

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