N+1 Laboratory Cold Store



CREST were approached by South-East engineering contractor, Cravencroft, for the turnkey supply and installation of a cold store, as part of wider refurbishment works for a biotechnology services provider.


Located in the sample storage area of a laboratory, the +4°C cold store specified N+1 redundancy capabilities as part of its operation, so required an experienced contractor to confidently undertake all elements of this package.

Satisfied with the level of detail provided from CREST during tender stage, Cravencroft appointed the team as the turnkey cold storage contractor for this project.

Project Delivery

CREST’s dedicated installation team successfully supplied and installed a cold store with an N+1 refrigeration system that met +4°C temperature specification. This included an auto changeover function to initiate the backup system if necessary.

The room itself was to be housed within a number of other traditional build rooms, generating a tight co-ordination programme for CREST’s first fix refrigeration works. Once complete, other trades were scheduled to carry out their responsibilities before our installation team could continue their build package.

This was another successful pharmaceutical cold store contract for CREST, utilising key technical expertise for the safe storage of high-value sample materials.

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CREST demonstrated exemplary co-ordination all throughout the project.

Lee Duffield, CREST Construction Director
Building UseBiotechnology
Panel CoreQuadCore
Panel SupplierKingspan
Panel Thickness80 mm
Panel Requirements48 m²
ServicesN+1 Backup Refrigeration Units
Turnkey Supply & Install
Detailed Tender Proposal
Tight Co-Ordination Programme