ISO 7 Cleanroom

Monmouth Scientific


Our client was contacted by a leading manufacturer of conductor and fibre optic cables for the aerospace and defence industries who had the requirement for a new ISO 7 cleanroom.


A 90m² footprint self-supporting cleanroom, complete with an airlock compartment, was required. Our client also required the design to perform with multiple ceiling openings to accommodate the lighting and HEPA filters, all built to a tight deadline and in a working laboratory environment.


Stancold provided Kingspan insulated wall and ceiling panels, expertly fitted with doors and windows and designed to take the ceiling loads. The project required close project management due to the restrictive programme and site conditions; access was tight and limited. Our experienced team once again rose to the challenge leading to another satisfied client.

Watch the project’s timelapse video here.

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Excellent, a job really well done.

Dave Court, Monmouth Scientific
Location Mansfield
Description ISO 7 Cleanroom
Building Use Cable/Conductor Manufacture
Panel Type PIR
Thickness 80mm, 200mm
Panel Finish White Cleanable Laminated Food-Safe Finish
Ceiling Self Supporting Ceiling
Panel m² 211m²
Doors Hinged Personnel Doors with Airlock
Other 7 Vision Panels