ISO 6 Cleanroom for Precision Engineering Manufacturer

Specialist Manufacturer


With their business expanding, this manufacturer was looking to build a new multi-room cleanroom. Our technical expertise means we partner regularly with Monmouth Scientific on cleanroom projects.


This project required a cleanroom environment for a precision engineering manufacturer. We offered a cost-effective solution that ensured all requirements for a controlled environment were met.


The cleanroom measures 18.00m x 4.35m x 2.825m high and is split into 4 different rooms. There are 14 (1220mm x 610mm) ceiling openings for HEPA filters and 8 vision panels. The main compartment is ISO 6 standard.

To ensure that the air in this space meets those specifications, Stancold installed two airlock rooms that are controlled with maglock door system.

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Another high spec cleanroom that meets ISO6 Standards

Lee Duffield, Stancold
Building UsePrecision Engineering
Panle CoreIPN Quadcore
Panel SupplierKingspan
Panel Thickness80mm, 150mm
Panel FacingWhite Cleanable Laminated Food-Safe Finish
Panel Requirements230m²
DoorsMaglock Controlled Doors