Bio Storage Chambers

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Our customer is a trusted provider of first-class bio storage chambers, services and laboratory testing for global healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.


To install four stainless steel bio storage chambers. Each chamber has the dimensions of 3.16m x 2.56m x 2.86m high with two doors, suitable for temperature-controlled bio storage for the preservation of test samples and pharmaceutical substances.


Stancold installed these high quality insulated bio storage chambers using thermally efficient PIR walls and ceiling panels coated with hygienic stainless steel, preventing bacteria growth and ensuring that joints are tight with no dirt traps for easy wash-down and maintenance.

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Director of Manufacturing
ProjectBio Storage Chambers, 4no
LocationDublin, Ireland
Building useTesting & Storage of Pharmaceuticals
Panel corePIR
Panel supplierKingspan
Panel thickness80mm
Panel facingInternal Stainless Steel, External White Hygienic
Panel requirements200 m²
DoorsInsulated Hinged Freezer Eco Doors